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Laminated Wood Plaques

Our Flagship product for 25 years is the Walls of Fame museum-quality laminated wood plaque. Each one is a custom hand-crafted solid 5/8" thick piece of wood sealed with a propriety lamination process. Our creative team can work directly from original material or digital formats. We use the latest printing technologies that produce stunning vibrant images. Cared for correctly, our plaques will last a lifetime.


Acrylic Standoff Plaques

With a clean sleek look, these Acrylic Standoff Plaques extend off the wall a 1/2 inch with either silver or gold hardware. Our "standard" size is 11"x16.5x3/8." Other sizes are available by custom quote.


Custom Printing, Framing & Mounting Services

Our professional large format printing and framing services turn images into dynamic and lasting impressions. We specialize in standard, non standard and over-sized image displays. We can help you transform your office into a magnificent working environment with our creativity and custom capabilities. We ship finished products throughout the county and offer complete installation services to the Washington, DC Area. Our specialty printing, framing and mounting services include: Large Format Printing | Custom Framing | Standoff Frames Cable Frames | Box Frames Masonite Box Frames | Face Mount Plexiglass Floaters | Oversize Mounting


Optical Crystal Awards

Our Crystal collection is comprised of the absolute highest grade of clear optical crystal making it the top choice for etching. Each piece is beveled and hand polished to achieve maximum refraction and is packaged in an impressive black velvet presentation box. Nothing showcases professional success like an elegant crystal display. Please contact us to see our full crystal line.


Acrylic Desktop Displays

The Walls of Fame flagship Acrylic Desktop display offers a sturdy solution for awards and signage needing to be placed in high traffic areas. These polished professional displays are ideal for taking to trade shows or events and look impressive in both office or retail environments. This display measures 9 inches tall x 6 inches wide offering maximum visual coverage. Please contact us to see addtional Acrylic desktop displays.


Promotional Products

We offer a full range of promotional products with abilities to accommodate all budgets. Some of today's popular items are battery phone banks, double insulated travel mugs, blue tooth speakers and umbrellas. Visit our online store to find the products that interest you. Please call us for details and pricing.